A word or two of explanation

It has come to my attention that I now have a blog follower.

This is very exciting. Thank you, whoever you are. I’m thrilled, really, that you think that what I have to say is interesting enough to actually keep tabs on me. So I feel I should explain why I post so infrequently to this, my own personal blog.

First, let me assure you, it’s not because I have nothing to say. Believe me, I’ve got plenty so say, about all sorts of things, and if you ask my friends they will tell you I’m not at all shy about being very explicit in my opinions. I’m also a writer, so even if I didn’t have an explicit opinion, I’d have no problem making one up.

The problem is time. There are only so many hours in a day, and since sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes, I have even less actually productive time than some other people may have.

And, sadly, there are all sorts of previous claims on said time. Work, for one. I’m a book-seller at Barnes&Noble. My hours were recently cut, which, aside from the fact that there’s less money coming in, should have been a good thing, because it should have freed up hours otherwise spent running my butt off for $10.25/hr. to do other things, like blog.


When my hours were cut, the first thing that went was my cleaning lady. I love my cleaning lady. For three years, she has made it possible for me to not have to even think about a toilet brush. I have pets, so I was always sweeping and vacuuming, but I didn’t mind. Because I knew, every other week, Carliane would come and clean my bathrooms.

I tried to convince my husband that we could do without milk, bread, meat and cable rather than let her go, but I had no luck. So now I have to spend some of that supposedly extra time cleaning my house again. I also spend lots of time complaining about it to anyone who will listen. You, for instance.

I have to find a way to sell my book. Since I have roughly zero dollars in my Marketing budget, I spend at least an hour a day trolling the web, finding people to review, print excerpts from, feature, mention or otherwise talk about my book. So that people can buy it. So I can make enough money to hire back my cleaning lady.

I am part of a blog called ‘Boomers and Books’, and twice a month I post there, and since at least one of my posts is a book review, I have to find time to read a book worth reviewing.

I’m also on an on-line book club that’s reading The Forsythe Saga, which is roughly seven trillion pages long.

Then there’s the Next Book. Actually, the Next Two Books. One is a sequel to Better Off Without Him, where Mona goes to Hollywood to write her movie script, and hilarity ensues. The other is a Young Adult with a slight paranormal bend, which will hopefully open up a previously untapped merchandising opportunity, which will then allow me to make lots of money and hire my cleaning lady back.

So that’s why I don’t post much here. And I’m sorry about that. But keep checking back. That way,when I hire back my cleaning lady, you’ll be the first to know.