Coming soon…

Sorry everyone – yes, I know, I haven’t been very forthcoming with the blogs. I realize that, in order to keep my audience interested and committed, I’m supposed to be chatting with you all on a regular basis. The truth is, I got REALLY sick in December, with that ‘I think it’s the flu but it’s really worse’ thing, and I was out of commission for weeks.

Then – I was writing. A lot. I finished another Romantic Comedy, tentatively called A Slight Change of Plan. It’s the story of Kate, a 55 year-old-widow who decides it’s time to shake up her life and move on to the ‘Second Act.’ Since her kids have all moved out and her youngest is graduating college and says he’ll have no problem getting a job, she sells her vast family home and moves into a condo. She also trades in her high-pressure job for a much more relaxing one and joins an on-line dating service. Of course, things start to go wrong. Almost immediately.

Her youngest son decides to go after his PhD, so he moves back in with her – along with his girlfriend. Her cushy job falls through, so she’s unemployed. Her college crush – the one true love of her life – happens to be on the same dating site she is. And her mother, whom she hasn’t spoken to in eight years, can no longer live alone and moves into her basement.

Hilarity, as they say, ensues.

This is being published by Amazon/Montlake. No, I haven’t gone over to the dark side and forsaken Indie publishing. They just made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Good news – they’ll do all the editing, as well as put together a cover, two things that really made me crazy when I had to do it for myself. Bad news – it’s going to take a bit longer to release. They’’re saying October, but I’ll let you know.

But – I also finished the YA I’d been playing with since last year. It’s great. I love it. It’s going to be self-pubbed, and I’m launching June 1st. It’s under a pen name – I didn’t want anyone who’d read my other books to see my name on the cover and freak out when they start reading – teen-aged girls? Soccer? Gargoyles? WHAT IS THIS?

So, I’m publishing under the name Marijon Braden. What kind of name is Marijon? There was a character similarly named in a Victoria Holt novel I read many years ago – at least I think it was Victoria Holt – and I never forgot how cool it sounded.

They’ll be a new website, new FB page – the cover is gorgeous and I’m having a blast. The title is Smoke, Wings and Stone. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I promise I”m going to actually learn how to write a newsletter and let you know when it’s coming out, so if you like that sort of fantasy/adventure, you can pick it up.

Hmmm…oh yeah. My daughter is driving with a learners permit.

Which is the other reason I haven’t had time to blog. I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time in prayer.

Haha – no, not really.

Well, maybe.