A Slight Change of Plan release info

We have lift-off!! Sort of. My next romantic comedy, A Slight Change of Plan, is being released November 19th by Montlake Publishing. We’re still working on a cover, but I do have a pre-order button – Amazon is VERY efficient.


This is much like Better Off Without Him, with the accent on comedy, but I have to say, it turned out to be a great love story as well. This is not the official blurb, but should give you an idea of what’s going on. So,yeah – another kick-ass woman getting what she deserves!

A Slight Change of Plan – release date 11/19/13

Kate Everett is about to begin her ‘Second Act’. She’s been a widow for eight years, and thinks it might be time to start looking for someone to share her life with again. She quits her high-pressure job for something that will allow her more leisure time. And with her youngest son graduating college, she gets rid of the huge family home and moves into a fabulous condo that’s smaller and easier to manage. She’s pretty much got the rest of her life figured out. All she has to do is sit back and let the pieces fall into place.

But her real life never gets the memo. First, her son decides that a PhD is in his future and moves back in with her – along with his girlfriend. Her dream job falls through, leaving her unemployed. Her mother, whom she hadn’t spoken to in years, can no longer live alone, and has moved into her basement.

Her shiny new condo is starting to feel a little bit cramped.

Then there’s her oldest son, Jeff. He and his partner are Kate’s best chance for her very first grandchild, but are the two of them starting a family or breaking up?

And finally, much to Kate’s dismay, her only daughter is planning the smallest and simplest wedding in the history of all weddings.

Can this get any more complicated?

Sure it can.

Her foray into the world of dating finds her tentatively moving towards a relationship with one man just as her college love – the man who was her soul mate before he broke her heart – pops up on the same on-line dating site. Jake is now a successful businessman who realizes that he made a huge mistake walking out on Kate all those years ago, and he’s eager to win her back. Although Kate is torn between wanting to recreate the past and building something brand new in the present, it looks like her happily-ever-after may come true after all.

But when her daughter’s future father-in-law, Edward, arrives from England, something about him strikes in her an unexpected chord.

It looks like real happiness may require a slight change of plan.