Well, I’m having a giveaway in honor of my new book, A Slight Change of Plan, and you’re all invited. Here’s the deal – you need to sign up for my newsletter. Yes, I know, you may already be signed up for my blog, but this is the Newsletter, you know, on my Website. That’s a different list. So, see that button here on the side…just click it and it will take you to my fabulous new giveaway page, and everything will be explained.

If you’re already signed up for my newsletter, here’s the scoop…

From September 1st to November 24th, every Sunday, I (of rather, the completely impartial MailChimp robot whose job it is to do this sort of stuff) will choose 10 winners to receive swag. Yes, I have swag – bookmarks and cute magnets for the fridge. One additional winner will receive swag plus a very cool coffee mug. All those winners get thrown into another hat, and on 11/24, 5 folks will each receive a signed paperback copy of A Slight Change of Plan, and one winner will get a Kindle Fire HD 8.9, 16 gig.

Yeah, we’re getting into the big time.

The Kindle Fire can only be shipped within the U.S. – sorry guys – but everything else can be shipped internationally.

I will post the lucky winners names here every week.

If you haven’t pre-ordered A Slight Change of Plan yet, you might want to get on that. I’m trying to figure out a way to have T-shirts printed, and I’d be giving those away to random folks who can produce a receipt for the pre-order.

That’s it for now. Good luck, everyone!