Shiny New Covers!

Montlake has re-released Better Off Without Him with a beautiful new cover. I’m so pleased with it! Yes, I will miss my shocking pink and martini glass, but I’m hoping this new look will open up the book to a new audience. A Different Kind of Forever is looking better too, don’t you think? Let’s hear it for progress!

My giveaway is going along really well. I know, I had said I’d post winners names here, and I was going to until it was pointed out to me that some people may not want their names plastered all over the blog. So a few brief shout-outs – congrats Jeanne and Jackie and Amanda – and you’ll just have to trust me on the rest.

You might have noticed there’s no RaffleCopter at work here. Because this isn’t your typical giveaway, I’ve had to improvise. Every Sunday, I take all the eligible email addresses, throw them in to Random Inc, and let the cyber-bots pick the top names for me.

But – some people are not responding to their emails. I know, every time you see an email that says ‘You’ve Won!’,you automatically think it’s junk mail offering male enhancement products. But in this case…you might have really won something from me, so check your spam folders, folks. I’ve got a few unclaimed bookmarks!

I’m planning a launch party for November 19th, from 6pm to 10pm, at The Dublin Pub in Morristown NJ. One of the scenes in A Slight Change of Plan actually takes place there, and the nice folks there are letting me have one the rooms. So – if you live anywhere close, save the date and come by! I’ll be giving away swag, as well as dinners for 2 and free drinks. Plus, you get to meet me and my ‘people’. (Yes, I have ‘people,’ I blogged about them, remember?) I’ll also be signing books, doing readings…I’ve never had a launch before, so I’m just doing every single thing I can think of that sounds fun.

That’s it folks. Remember, just because you’ve signed up for my blog, doesn’t mean you’re automatically signed up for my newsletter. So if you want in on the giveaway, head over to and sign up!

It’s so exciting to have something to talk about!!!


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