Here Come The Brides…Again

The Bolt Brothers...sigh

The Bolt Brothers…sigh

I hope that there a few of you out there whose heart will go all aflutter, just as mine did, when I tell you…

Here Comes The Brides is available on YouTube.

I watched the pilot episode this weekend with my husband. It was like falling back to a very special time and place when men were hot, trees were tall, and little girls learned that there was a True Love for everyone.

If some of you are foggy about what this TV show was about, let me give you a quick recap.

The very sexy Jason Bolt, along with his equally sexy brothers Joshua and Jeremy, own a logging company in Seattle, back when Seattle was just a beautiful child, growing up, free and wild, full of…well, you know.

Jason’s lumberjack crew threatens to leave because there are no women in Seattle. Jason’s first thought is to recruit a bunch of fancy ladies from San Francisco, and have bar owner Lottie take them under her wing. Plan B involves the three brothers traveling to New Bedford MA, and recruiting 100 marriageable women to come back to Seattle and become wives. 100 women agree, they arrive in Seattle, and hilarity and heart-wrenching romance ensues.

My husband watched with me. He did not recall ever seeing the show, and his commentary was quite entertaining.

If he ran all the way down the mountain, why isn’t he out of breath?

Is he talking about a whorehouse?

How did they get to New Bedford so fast?

Where is that town again? All the women there seem really horny.

Did that guy have a stutter in real life?

You mean they were together for six months on a ship and no one got pregnant?

Why do they look so good? They haven’t had a shower in half a year!

My husbands’ callous asides aside, the show did not age well. But I didn’t care. Because there was Bobby Sherman, who, after Davy Jones and before David Cassidy, was my ideal love match. His hair was still perfect, his eyes still true-blue, and his smile sweet and sexy. There were also the two other brothers, Robert Brown and David Soul, who didn’t get too much of my attention back then, standing in Bobby’s shadow, but upon reflection certainly deserved a tumble or two.

Will I watch the rest of the series? Probably not. It’s a bit too corny. Possibly even cheesy. But to my twelve-year-old heart, it was one of the first glimpses into Romance. I dreamed of being a young New England girl, struggling against the wilds of the great Northwest, waiting for my perfect mate. I had already begun writing my little stories, and now I had a new, exciting world to imagine, with myself at the center of a world of rough-and-tumble men waiting to be tamed.

Of course, at twelve, I had no idea how that would be accomplished. It took a few more years to figure the whole taming thing out. But the seed that had been planted grew a bit more, stretched a tentative leaf, and started imagining a wider world.

Full of hot men, tall trees, and True Love.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Libby
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 02:18:47

    Also, the story was based on a real life man named Mercer who indeed brought some women to His territory for the men to marry and stay there.


  2. Libby
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 02:16:15

    Also, the story was based on a real life man named Mercer who indeed brought some to His territory for the men to marry and stay there.


  3. Libby Offenhauser
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 02:01:26

    OM Gosh!!! I thought I was alone in the universe who loved this show. Bought the DVD last year and loved it all over again. This time around though, it was Robert Brown who captured my attention. He played Jason Bolt as a man who really liked women, and who knew his heart would let him know if and when he ever met the right gal. He played Jason Bolt as a man who would not hesitate to give his woman his heart and love the right off of her!! Yes, probably the show is corny..but it is also simple. It allows us romantic ladies to swoon. Safely. Swooning seems to be a lost art in real life.


  4. Debbie
    Mar 31, 2015 @ 11:21:20

    OMG! Here Comes the Brides! I had a huge crush on Bobby Sherman and loved watching the show because of him. I even saw him in concert. (Remember Julie, Do Ya Love Me?) I, too, was 12 when the show premiered. I saw one of the shows about a year ago and was a trifle disconcerted to discover that the show was indeed a bit cheesy. LOL!


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